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Disney announces Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers to become a live action film!

Many fans of the 90’s Disney Afternoon series will be very happy! Few details have been released, but from what we know, director Rob Rugan will be taking the helm as script writer of the film and it will be an origin story of how the gang came to be! 

Original creator/writer Tad Stones seems to be in approval saying: “Congratulations on RR. Those commercials and shorts show you’ve got the sensibility for the job. Take care of my kids!”

The film will be in the same form we’ve seen in the recent “Smurfs” films. Making the gang CGI against a live action world. Though I disagree with this whole heartedly, thinking it should be hand animated cartoon much like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, I still have high hopes for the crime fighting duo!

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